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Sorry friends! I’m ridiculously behind on my Site of the Month Pick. Which, let’s be honest, is really always the case. This month–or months!–I am featuring the website of one of my new favorite authors: Jill Williamson.

One of the most amazing things about joining the ranks of the published is looking to my right and left to see just who’s standing next to me. Who out there is attempting to do what I’m attempting to do? Who else is writing for my audience? Who can I learn from? Who can I bounce ideas off of? Who should I NEVER ATTEMPT to bounce ideas off of?

It can be intimidating to look around and ask these questions (understatement!). There are just so many fabulous authors out there doing fabulous things. But, every now and then an established author takes the time to sidle up alongside one of us newbies and extend the hand of friendship. When that friend turns out to be an awesome writer, MAJOR BONUS POINTS!

For me, that friend is Jill Williamson.

If you haven’t read her newest release REPLICATION you’re missing out. It’s unlike any young adult novel I’ve ever read. Jill and I share many, many things and one of them is a Christian  worldview. When you read our books, you’re going to get that. No denying it. But with REPLICATION you’re also going to get a thrilling story full of “what ifs” and deliciously unique characters–which is all the more impressive when you consider that many of them are clones.  Jill’s writing is precise and the pacing stellar. I love, love, love this book.

And I wonder if you will too? Hmmmm. You should check it out. Let me know.

AND! If you haven’t seen the cover of my upcoming novel BROKEN WINGS, click here! I’m giving away the Angel Eyes audio book later today so check out the cover reveal and comment on THAT BLOG POST to enter.


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