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  • December5th

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    Just popping in quickly to tell you all that Dark Halo is on sale! For a limited time, you can grab the e-book on all major platforms for just $2.99.


    Angel Eyes and Broken Wings also have special pricing right now, so if you’ve been waiting for a good deal, this is about as good as it gets.

    Annnnnd. Since we’re all together here . . .

    Did you know there are two things you can do to ensure your favorite authors keep writing? Pass the word about books you love and leave positive reviews on sites like Amazon and Goodreads.

    You can’t imagine how much these two simple actions do for an author and her stories. So THANK YOU! Thank you, thank you.

    Happy reading, friends!





  • September23rd

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    It’s fall, you guys! My favorite of the four seasons.

    Pumpkin-spiced everything and hay rides and damp chilly mornings. Sweaters and boots and skinny jeans that aren’t quite warm enough. Fingerless gloves with a snag in the seam–a snag that always reminds you of that trip to the apple farm and your clumsy attempt to climb the squat little apple tree.

    Ahhh! Fall! My absolute favorite.

    It’s still too warm here in Northern California to feel properly like fall, but I thought I’d speed things along with a fun little giveaway.


    My favorite social media platform of late has been Instagram, so you’ll have to hop over there to participate. But, PLEASE DO! All you need is an Instagram account and the entry is as easy as pie.

    And spread the word, will you? I had some fantastic Angel Eyes mugs made specifically for the occasion and a gorgeous necklace with book cover charms. And of course, I’m giving away books! Because fall just would not be fall without the books.

    So, let’s play! Find me on Instagram and #FallForAngelEyes!



  • July30th


    Broken WingsPreparations for the Dark Halo release are well under way, so today I thought I’d share something fun with you.

    This is a scene I cut from Broken Wings. In it, we are looking at the world through Damien’s eyes.

    I wrote a handful of scenes from Damien’s point of view, but eventually decided to cut his chapters from Broken Wings in favor of Pearla’s.

    On the whole, I’m very happy with that decision, but I do like this moment with Damien. Enjoy!


    Damien chooses a spot in the shadows, near the rear of a semi-truck. He drops to the ground and presses himself into the Terrestrial. The task takes effort and his unpracticed human form slips in and out of sight twice before the transfer is finally complete.

    He lifts his hands before his eyes and though human flesh will always remind him of the Christ and those he came to save, Damien can’t help but grin at the familiar disguise. He’ll need these hands in the days to come.

    He releases himself into the Celestial and then transfers back, repeating the process over and again, until he feels he’s regained a seamless transition. Then, in his terrestrial form, he stands and takes several breaths of tepid, earthly air. He’d forgotten how stale it tastes. How dull.

    He rounds the trailer, pausing at the side-view mirror to take in his appearance. His reflection is a handsome one by human standards—black eyes, a chiseled chin, dark, smooth hair that falls away from his face—and seeing it reflected brings more sensations to the surface of his fabricated humanity. He remembers the adrenaline that female attraction sent coursing through his human veins. And the terror in a man’s eyes when he’d been displeased.

    Yes, it sweats and stinks. It breaks easily and moves agonizingly slow. It craves food and rest incessantly, but there are things to appreciate about this body.

    He strides toward the truck stop, his boots kicking up gravel and dust.

    “Just you this afternoon?” A thin, gangly brunette stands with a stained apron tied around her waist and several greasy menus wrapped in her arms.

    “Just me.” Damien’s voice is low, gravelly. The sound pleases him and he smiles.

    The waitress blushes and smiles back. She walks him to a table in the corner.

    “Look it over,” she says, dropping a menu in front of him. “I’ll be back in a jiff.”

    “Anything good?” he asks, catching her hand.

    The light blush on her cheeks turns blood red. She looks down at his hand, but doesn’t withdraw her fingers.

    “The cheese curds aren’t bad,” she says, her voice tight.

    “Bring me that,” Damien says. “And a cup of coffee.”

    “Cream and sugar?” she murmurs.

    “Now, what do you think?” He squeezes her hand and releases it, but it’s left hanging there for a moment, like a crane whose task has been completed but whose operator has nowhere else to store the thing.

    She still hasn’t responded to his question.

    He drops the dreamy traveler bit, disgust coating the single word that spills out his mouth.


    But the waitress just blinks at him.

    Abruptly he reaches into her apron and withdraws a notepad and pencil. B L A C K he writes in hurried sloppy script. He thrusts the pad into her hands and shoos the girl away. She ambles into the kitchen and Damien leans back in his booth.

    Stupid, easily-seduced humans.

    He turns his gaze to the other diners. Superficially, he sees families dining, a young couple arguing, two teenage girls poring over a magazine, and a plump waitress smacking her gum as she takes another order. In and among the locals, there are truckers here and there. They sit alone, sipping a beer and reading the paper, watching the baseball game on the television plastered to the wall.

    He picks at his teeth and basks in their naiveté. This place—this earth—is writhing with an entire race, thoroughly unaware of the forces around them. A deception that is easily maintained because darkness was introduced into their world by the choice of a man and his wife—a choice that echoed the selfish ambition of a traitorous angel ages before.

    Darkness was all it took.

    It permeated and seduced and the Creator was forced to drop a veil between the Celestial and his people—to protect them from the light they were created to dwell in.

    Sometimes the plight of humanity is laughable.

    His knobby-kneed waitress returns. She slides a plate of fried cheese and a half-empty coffee cup in front of him. His presence once appealing, seems to unsettle her and she keeps her eyes averted, which suits Damien just fine. He ignores the food but downs the lukewarm coffee in one gulp.

    “Check please.”

    The waitress shuffles to the register and a tremor of daring runs through Damien. He’s tucked away here, in the corner.

    No one’s watching him.

    “Why not?” he thinks.

    And like that, he releases himself into the Celestial, his human form disappearing, his gigantic black wings lifting him from the booth.


    He should take to the sky. He has other things to do. Many other things. Plans to make. Souls to enslave. But, like his kind, Damien’s an opportunist.

    He flies low between the tables, pressing his frigid wings here and there, brushing the diners’ shoulders, their thighs. He flicks at them with his invisible fingers, whispering nightmares into their ears, chuckling silently as the delectable stench of fear begins to grow.

    When he’s comfortable with the chaos he’s unleashed, he settles himself by the door, his elbow resting on a gigantic gumball machine.

    And, he watches.

    His Celestial eyes pan the same scene once again. Violent red flames surround a mother sitting at a square table with her family. She adjusts the dark glasses on her face and wraps her arms tightly around her stomach. One of the teenage girls drips misery, murky and sad, onto the magazine she’s reading while she flashes the bus boy a flirty smile. The young couple now staring off in opposite directions ooze fear—midnight black and soupy—as it worms its way up the arm of the waitress now refilling their coffee cups. Her hand begins to tremble and coffee sloshes from the pot.

    Pleased with himself, Damien digs his talons into the floor and shoves away from the earth. He flies high, pushing through skies of eternal daylight, finally turning toward central Oregon. Toward the two children of God who bested him before.

    He flies harder.

    He’ll not be bested again.

  • May29th


    Angel Eyes Broken Wings Dark Halo (spoiler alert!)

    One year ago today, the first book in the Angel Eyes trilogy hit shelves. It’s been a whirlwind of writing and activity since then. Three months ago, book two released and in three more months, the conclusion, Dark Halo, will be out and about.

    So, in honor of all these little milestones, I thought some Show and Tell was in order. No Dark Halo spoilers, I promise, but for those who haven’t read Broken Wings, here’s a snippet. This is our first look at the Prince of Darkness. And, since we’re celebrating, let’s do a giveaway too. Three winners will receive a trade paperback copy of Broken Wings, and one lucky winner will receive an advance reader copy of Dark Halo! I’ll pick my winners on Friday, June 7th. Read the excerpt below and use the Rafflecopter to enter.

    Silence consumes the assembly now, imposed on them by the sight of an icy white figure dropping into the hall from above. His wings, spread wide, are white save the tips, which retain a char he’s never rid of.

    Black-tipped wings for the Prince of Darkness. Healthy wings. Strong wings. His skin shines like polished marble. His hair lies in curls of midnight around his face—still fresh, still bright, still retaining the beauty that seduced a third of the angels. Human eyes would have a hard time distinguishing the Prince from a Warrior like Michael. But the absence of light behind those pale blue eyes hints at the creature’s true nature. And they are pale, so pale the blue seems buried far below, glinting like coins at the bottom of a well.

    He’s exquisite. Majestic.

    And he’s afraid.

    Celestial light has been banned from this place, but even here among the arctic shadows, fear cannot hide. Its blackness swirls in a controlled spin down his right arm, over his well-formed bicep, around his elbow, circling around his forearm and sliding from his palm down his middle finger where it puddles beneath his throne. Tendrils branch out across the stone floor seeking, seeking.

    He cups his hand, allowing the fear to pool there. His fingers close around the sticky substance and he prods it, molds it like a human child playing with a handful of clay. All the while, his eyes rip into the demon before him.

    After a slow descent, the Prince’s feet touch upon the seat of his throne—the graven dragon behind him. His legs and waist are wrapped in cords of white. His torso and arms are bare. Very little separates him from the other archangels. And yet so much.

    Pearla watches the Prince. The Creator gave him beauty—a beauty unrivaled—and he’s taken great pains to preserve it. His time here in Abaddon has kept him from the damage his hordes have suffered in the light of the Celestial. Pearla’s heard stories of the Prince venturing above, but his untarnished appearance alone is proof that his time to heal greatly exceeds that of his minions.

    “Sit.” His celestial lips are still, unable to vocalize anything but animalistic rages—like those assembled, like the demon chained to the floor, like every angel he led astray—but they all hear. They all obey. It’s sad, really. His song, like his face, was far superior to all others. Now his mouth is good for nothing.

    Wings rustle and talons scratch as countless demons crawl and flap toward rough shelves cut into the cliffs surrounding the hall. The demon chained to the floor drops to his knees.

    Humility, even false humility, is appreciated here.

    The Prince doesn’t sit, though. No. He stands on his throne, his legs spread wide, looking down at the demon trembling on the floor.

    “It’s unfortunate, brother, to see you in chains. Again.”

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  • February13th


    Broken WingsBroken Wings hits shelves crazy soon, you guys! If you spot her out there, strike a pose and snap a pic. Tag me in it and I’ll share it with my peeps.

    I really am excited about this one. We pick up Brielle’s journey about 7 months after Angel Eyes ends. There are new angels, a demonic army, swords and scimitars and secrets. (Oh my!) The Prince of Darkness gets a little stage time as well.

    It was a fun story to write and I’d love to celebrate its launch with you. I’ll be doing a few giveaways at the event–books and swag–and I’ll have bookmarks for everyone. Here are the details.


    Broken Wings Launch and Book Signing

    Saturday, February 23rd | 1pm – 3pm

    Barnes & Noble, Birdcage

    6111 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA


    And since I know you can’t all come to the launch, I’m running a giveaway here as well. One lucky winner will receive a prize pack including signed copies of Angel Eyes and Broken Wings, an Angel Eyes poster, a Broken Wings poster, and bookmarks. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter and I’ll announce the winner the morning of the launch. Thank you all for celebrating with me!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • November27th


    It’s a YA Christmas everybody! And for 12 days, I’ll be giving away a few of my favorite things.


    Use the Rafflecopter below to enter. You can continue to enter throughout the contest, so pop by and get your name in often. I’ll announce one winner each day starting next Monday, December 3rd and running through Friday, December 14th.

    The daily prizes are listed below. Each winner will receive an electronic copy of Broken Wings. It’s an e-galley, an early copy, which means you’re special because Broken Wings won’t be hitting shelves until February. Pretty cool, huh!? One grand prize winner will be announced on the 14th and will receive a copy of all six books.

    A huge thanks to my publisher, Thomas Nelson, for helping me put this giveaway together. They really are amazing. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

    12/3: Broken Wings & Angel Eyes both by me! WINNER: Elisa Calhoun

    12/4: Broken Wings & If We Survive by Andrew Klavan WINNER: Alissa Fendrick

    12/5: Broken Wings & Swipe by Evan Angler WINNER: Chrissy Wolfe

    12/6: Broken Wings & Right Where I Belong by Krista McGee WINNER: Alyssa Washburn

    12/7: Broken Wings & Spirit Fighter by Jerel Law WINNER: Donna Stinson

    12/8: Broken Wings & Angel Eyes both by me! WINNER: Cordelia Fitzgerald

    12/9: Broken Wings & If We Survive by Andrew Klavan WINNER: Carissa Sikes

    12/10: Broken Wings & Swipe by Evan Angler WINNER: Britney Wyatt

    12/11: Broken Wings & Right Where I Belong by Krista McGee WINNER: Dani Mione

    12/12: Broken Wings & Spirit Fighter by Jerel Law WINNER: Cynthia McCord

    Fun little update: Jerel Law is also offering a signed copy of his newest book, Fire Prophet, with the 12/12 giveaway!

    12/13: Broken Wings & Angel Eyes both by me! WINNER: Bethany Baldwin

    12/14: GRAND PRIZE! One copy of each book listed above. WINNER: Alicia Argenti

    Note: Broken Wings will be an electronic book that is emailed to you. All the other books in this giveaway are trade paperback.

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  • September7th


     Ta-da! The final cover copy for Broken Wings. I’m so excited about it that I’m giving away my FIRST advance reader copy. Scroll down to enter!

    B R O K E N  W I N G S

    Book Two in the ANGEL EYES TRILOGY

    Giant angels with metal wings and visible song. A blind demon restored from the pit of darkness. And a girl who has never felt more broken.

    Brielle sees the world as it really is: a place where the Celestial exists side by side with human reality. But in the aftermath of a supernatural showdown, her life begins to crumble. Her boyfriend, Jake, is keeping something from her—something important. Her overprotective father has started drinking again. He’s dating a much younger woman who makes Brielle’s skin crawl, and he’s downright hostile toward Jake. Haunting nightmares keep Brielle from sleeping, and flashes of Celestial vision keep her off kilter.

    What she doesn’t know is that she’s been targeted. The Prince of Darkness himself has heard of the boy with healing in his hands and of the girl who sees through the Terrestrial Veil. When he plucks the blind demon, Damien, from the fiery chasm and sends him back to Earth with new eyes, the stage is set for a cataclysmic battle of good versus evil.

    Then Brielle unearths the truth about her mother’s death and she must question everything she ever thought was true.

    Brielle has no choice. She knows evil forces are converging and will soon rain their terror down upon the town of Stratus. She must master the weapons she’s been given. She must fight.

    But can she fly with broken wings?

    To win MY VERY FIRST advance reader copy of Broken Wings, scroll down for the Rafflecopter.

    Please be aware, I won’t have the advance review copy in my hand for another few weeks, but I’ll get it mailed out to the winner as soon as possible. And since we have time, I’ll let this giveaway run until October 1st. You can enter EVERY DAY so come visit me often!

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  • August20th


    Happy Monday, friends! I just finished going through the typeset pages for Broken Wings, the sequel to Angel Eyes. It won’t be out until February, but I feel like celebrating a little bit. Let’s do a giveaway! How about a copy of Angel Eyes, a couple bookmarks, and this gorgeous Angel Eyes poster? I’ll sign everything and choose a winner on Friday.

    Scroll down for the Rafflecopter! 

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • June27th

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    Yesterday marked the end of the second Angel Eyes blog tour. The first was hosted by YA Bound and the second, by LitFuse.

    Both experiences were fabulous ones and I can’t thank the bloggers and the coordinators enough for being so awesome.

    It takes time and energy to read and review books. It takes guts to share your thoughts with the world, and I appreciate that bravery more than I can say.

    If you weren’t able to stop by my author chat last night, fear not! You can catch up here. There’s also a fun sneak peek of Broken Wings, including the cover and an unofficial summary. Be warned! If you haven’t read Angel Eyes, the synopsis for Broken Wings will definitely spoil some things for you.

    AND, if you’re dying to know who won that NOOK Color, be sure to check this page. All the lucky winners are listed.

    Again, I can’t thank you all enough for being part of the Angel Eyes launch. It’s been a crazy whirlwind of an adventure and I’m so glad you jumped on for the ride.

    God bless, friends!

  • June20th

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    We have a winner! The winner of the Angel Eyes audio book is….

    Rachel V.

    Check your email, Rachel, and THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by to see the cover of BROKEN WINGS. I loved reading your comments. If you’d like another look at the cover, click here.