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  • December5th

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    Just popping in quickly to tell you all that Dark Halo is on sale! For a limited time, you can grab the e-book on all major platforms for just $2.99.


    Angel Eyes and Broken Wings also have special pricing right now, so if you’ve been waiting for a good deal, this is about as good as it gets.

    Annnnnd. Since we’re all together here . . .

    Did you know there are two things you can do to ensure your favorite authors keep writing? Pass the word about books you love and leave positive reviews on sites like Amazon and Goodreads.

    You can’t imagine how much these two simple actions do for an author and her stories. So THANK YOU! Thank you, thank you.

    Happy reading, friends!





  • September23rd

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    It’s fall, you guys! My favorite of the four seasons.

    Pumpkin-spiced everything and hay rides and damp chilly mornings. Sweaters and boots and skinny jeans that aren’t quite warm enough. Fingerless gloves with a snag in the seam–a snag that always reminds you of that trip to the apple farm and your clumsy attempt to climb the squat little apple tree.

    Ahhh! Fall! My absolute favorite.

    It’s still too warm here in Northern California to feel properly like fall, but I thought I’d speed things along with a fun little giveaway.


    My favorite social media platform of late has been Instagram, so you’ll have to hop over there to participate. But, PLEASE DO! All you need is an Instagram account and the entry is as easy as pie.

    And spread the word, will you? I had some fantastic Angel Eyes mugs made specifically for the occasion and a gorgeous necklace with book cover charms. And of course, I’m giving away books! Because fall just would not be fall without the books.

    So, let’s play! Find me on Instagram and #FallForAngelEyes!



  • September13th


    It’s FRIDAY! Thought we’d have a little fun! Tell me what you think of my Dream Cast and you’ll be entered to win signed copies of each book in the Angel Eyes trilogy! Scroll down for the Rafflecopter!

    My webmaster (a.k.a. the husband) put these graphics together for me. Cool, right? Originally they were used for the Dark Halo blog tour hosted by YA Bound. If you haven’t stopped by their blog, you absolutely should. There’s a bunch of reviews and other nifty Dark Halo related stuff.


    The graphic above was first shared on the Reader Girls Blog. Check it out.


    This graphic above was first shared on Jessabella Reads. Check her out.


    This graphic above was first shared on Leisure Reads. Click to read their review of Dark Halo.

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  • August20th


    Shannon with bookToday, Dark Halo is released into the wild. It’s the third and final book in the Angel Eyes trilogy and I still can’t believe there are three books out there with my name on them.

    As I near the end of this particular road, all I can think about is how GRATEFUL I am. Deeply, truly grateful for the adventure I’ve been given. And that’s exactly what’s it been. An adventure.

    It’s like God knows me or something. It’s like He KNEW just the journey I needed, so He booked the tickets and settled in next to me for the ride. Or maybe (most definitely!) He’s the pilot and I was the one tucked in back, staring out the widows, doing my best to listen to His voice, scribbling words furiously all the while.

    This path hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been right. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but even in the hard stuff, I’ve known that God had a plan.

    And while I’m so glad my books have found their way onto many of your bookshelves, I am overwhelmed by this very simple, very naked fact: these stories have changed me. If they never, ever touch anyone else, they were worth writing. I didn’t set out to document my own spiritual journey, but I see myself in Brielle’s fear, in Jake’s frustration. I see my loss and my ache in Marco’s struggle. But you know what else, I see victory there too. And for those who know the rocky ground I clamored across just prior to the “whole writing thing” you know–I needed these books.

    And God knew that.

    So I want to thank Him. But I’m so awkward at doing it in writing! Honestly, it’s SO awkward for me, that I don’t even thank God in the acknowledgements of my books. Many authors handle it all with such grace and panache, but I always feel like where my gratitude to the God of the Universe is concerned, I’m at a loss. There are just too many words to say.

    Because, truly, He is my everything. My all. My reason. When I didn’t think I could write one more word, when I was lost and stuck and had left my characters stranded in dark places, there was only One who knew where the story was headed, and without Him, Jake might still be strapped to a chair. If that’s not a metaphor for my life, I don’t know what it is.

    So, see? While I am honored that other people read my books, for me, the Angel Eyes trilogy has been a personal journey. And even now, as I try to pen a thank you to the One who made it all possible, I can only cry and start and stop, and I’m left with this:

    Heavenly Father, I am nothing, nothing without you. Thank you for the time you spent with me in my writing cave. For taking care of my family while I was in the trenches. Thank you for compelling me to imagine what the invisible might look like. And though it’s been hard at times, thank you for knowing that I often find myself in words, and that if I’m not careful, I can lose myself there too. Thank you for never letting me go, for holding tight when I was falling, and for allowing me to experience the thrill of placing one foot after the other, for letting me climb. Thank you for the glorious mountaintops and for the lonely valleys. Thank you for gifting me with this adventure. I will never, ever be the same.

  • August15th

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    Dark_Halo_Poster_Final.inddCan you believe that just 15 months ago Angel Eyes hit shelves and in FIVE DAYS the trilogy comes to an end? Makes my head spin to think of it that way. But right now, there are several things going on and I wanted to make sure you’d heard about them.

    First, all major etailers (AmazonBarnes and Noble, iTunes, and CBD) are celebrating the upcoming release of Dark Halo by discounting Angel Eyes and Broken Wings. The ebooks are running $1.99 and $2.99 but the sale will not last much longer. This is such a great time to grab them and get caught up. Help an author out and spread the word, okay?

    Second, I’m giving away a Kindle! As part of the launch festivities, I’ll be hosting a live Twitter chat on Tuesday, 8/27 and would love for you to join me. If you’re not on Twitter, this is a FABULOUS time to join! We’ll be chatting about the Angel Eyes trilogy, giving away some goodies (including the Kindle!), and taking questions from readers. Come tweet with us!

    YA Bound blog tour

    Third, starting 8/19, YA Bound will be hosting a blog tour where you can read reviews and such about Dark Halo. There will also be some fun extras included. The schedule is here and will be updated as the tour progresses. Thank you, YA Bound!

    Lytherus, will also be featuring Dark Halo on their blog every day during its release week. This is a new stop for me and I am so looking forward to it!

    And finally, if you’re in the Sacramento area (or just want to make the drive) Barnes and Noble, Birdcage in Citrus Heights, is hosting the launch party and signing. Join us, won’t you? See that pretty Dark Halo poster up there at the top (Could You Resist The Temptation)? I’ll be giving away a bunch of ’em during the event. So, come on out and say hello!


  • August1st


    It’s party time! Dark Halo releases in less than three weeks, and if you’re in the greater Sacramento area, I’d love to celebrate with you. The Barnes and Noble at Birdcage in Citrus Heights will, once again, be hosting the party. I’ve been assured that all three books (Angel Eyes, Broken Wings, and, of course, Dark Halo) will be available for purchase. So, come on out. Books and giveaways and freebies, oh my!


    And because I know it will not be possible to celebrate with all my readers in person, I have a way for you to participate in the launch online. On Tuesday, August 27th, I’ll be doing a celebratory Twitter chat. During the chat, I’ll be announcing the winner of a 7″ Kindle Fire HD. That’s right! I’m giving away a Kindle. The graphic below will take you to the contest landing page. So, go! Enter. And then on 8/27, I’ll see you on Twitter!



  • May29th


    Angel Eyes Broken Wings Dark Halo (spoiler alert!)

    One year ago today, the first book in the Angel Eyes trilogy hit shelves. It’s been a whirlwind of writing and activity since then. Three months ago, book two released and in three more months, the conclusion, Dark Halo, will be out and about.

    So, in honor of all these little milestones, I thought some Show and Tell was in order. No Dark Halo spoilers, I promise, but for those who haven’t read Broken Wings, here’s a snippet. This is our first look at the Prince of Darkness. And, since we’re celebrating, let’s do a giveaway too. Three winners will receive a trade paperback copy of Broken Wings, and one lucky winner will receive an advance reader copy of Dark Halo! I’ll pick my winners on Friday, June 7th. Read the excerpt below and use the Rafflecopter to enter.

    Silence consumes the assembly now, imposed on them by the sight of an icy white figure dropping into the hall from above. His wings, spread wide, are white save the tips, which retain a char he’s never rid of.

    Black-tipped wings for the Prince of Darkness. Healthy wings. Strong wings. His skin shines like polished marble. His hair lies in curls of midnight around his face—still fresh, still bright, still retaining the beauty that seduced a third of the angels. Human eyes would have a hard time distinguishing the Prince from a Warrior like Michael. But the absence of light behind those pale blue eyes hints at the creature’s true nature. And they are pale, so pale the blue seems buried far below, glinting like coins at the bottom of a well.

    He’s exquisite. Majestic.

    And he’s afraid.

    Celestial light has been banned from this place, but even here among the arctic shadows, fear cannot hide. Its blackness swirls in a controlled spin down his right arm, over his well-formed bicep, around his elbow, circling around his forearm and sliding from his palm down his middle finger where it puddles beneath his throne. Tendrils branch out across the stone floor seeking, seeking.

    He cups his hand, allowing the fear to pool there. His fingers close around the sticky substance and he prods it, molds it like a human child playing with a handful of clay. All the while, his eyes rip into the demon before him.

    After a slow descent, the Prince’s feet touch upon the seat of his throne—the graven dragon behind him. His legs and waist are wrapped in cords of white. His torso and arms are bare. Very little separates him from the other archangels. And yet so much.

    Pearla watches the Prince. The Creator gave him beauty—a beauty unrivaled—and he’s taken great pains to preserve it. His time here in Abaddon has kept him from the damage his hordes have suffered in the light of the Celestial. Pearla’s heard stories of the Prince venturing above, but his untarnished appearance alone is proof that his time to heal greatly exceeds that of his minions.

    “Sit.” His celestial lips are still, unable to vocalize anything but animalistic rages—like those assembled, like the demon chained to the floor, like every angel he led astray—but they all hear. They all obey. It’s sad, really. His song, like his face, was far superior to all others. Now his mouth is good for nothing.

    Wings rustle and talons scratch as countless demons crawl and flap toward rough shelves cut into the cliffs surrounding the hall. The demon chained to the floor drops to his knees.

    Humility, even false humility, is appreciated here.

    The Prince doesn’t sit, though. No. He stands on his throne, his legs spread wide, looking down at the demon trembling on the floor.

    “It’s unfortunate, brother, to see you in chains. Again.”

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  • May6th


    I’m all squirmy just doing this, you guys!

    *Puts on a kilt* *Paints face blue* *Gets brave*

    *Clears throat*


    I have ARCs of DARK HALO!

    Dark Halo ARCs

    For the newbies, Dark Halo is the final book in the Angel Eyes trilogy and is set to hit shelves in August. I cannot wait to share it with you all, but I’ll be honest. The idea of sending the conclusion out into the world is slightly terrifying.

    It’s the end, you know? THE END.


    SO! In a Marty McFly effort to prove I’m not chicken (AND I’M NOT!), I’d like to give away my very first advance reader copy. The one right there on top. I’m using the uber easy Rafflecopter for this one, and there are lots of ways to enter. If you’re on Twitter, you can even come back daily to throw another entry into the hat.

    I’ll pick a winner on Monday, May 20th. Spread the word, okay? Help a chicken out.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • April2nd


    Dark HaloGood morning friends!

    I’ve just finished going through the typeset pages for Dark Halo.

    I have to tell you, there is something so satisfying about ending a story just where you wanted to end it, and I’m grateful Thomas Nelson gave me the opportunity to share Brielle’s journey with you all. Not too much longer, you guys. August 20th!

    BUT, before I send these pages off, I thought I’d share a little teaser. That sound fun?

    And since we’re here, all of us, hanging out, we might as well do a giveaway, right?

    How about a signed copy of Broken Wings and a snazzy Broken Wings poster? Let’s keep it simple this time. Leave a comment on this post and I’ll choose one lucky winner on Monday, 4/8.

    Broken Wings and poster


    And now for the teaser….


    Both Angel Eyes and Broken Wings have three narrators and Dark Halo is the same. Want to see whose eyes you’ll be looking through as the trilogy comes to a close?


    Dark Halo teaserWhatcha think? Leave a comment for a chance to win!



  • October8th


    Happy Monday! To celebrate the end of the weekend *cough* I thought I’d share a little pretty with you.

    The third book in my Angel Eyes trilogy has a title and I’ve been sitting on it for a while now. The second book, Broken Wings, is still several months away from bookstores and I thought I should space the pretty out. Give it to you in bits, you know? But I can’t hold out any longer.

    Not only does book three have a title, it also has a cover! *squee* All the online bookstores will have it soon, but I wanted to show it off here first. So. Here goes.

    I absolutely love it. I think it’s my favorite, but what do you guys think???

    Dark Halo final