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  • May29th


    Angel Eyes Broken Wings Dark Halo (spoiler alert!)

    One year ago today, the first book in the Angel Eyes trilogy hit shelves. It’s been a whirlwind of writing and activity since then. Three months ago, book two released and in three more months, the conclusion, Dark Halo, will be out and about.

    So, in honor of all these little milestones, I thought some Show and Tell was in order. No Dark Halo spoilers, I promise, but for those who haven’t read Broken Wings, here’s a snippet. This is our first look at the Prince of Darkness. And, since we’re celebrating, let’s do a giveaway too. Three winners will receive a trade paperback copy of Broken Wings, and one lucky winner will receive an advance reader copy of Dark Halo! I’ll pick my winners on Friday, June 7th. Read the excerpt below and use the Rafflecopter to enter.

    Silence consumes the assembly now, imposed on them by the sight of an icy white figure dropping into the hall from above. His wings, spread wide, are white save the tips, which retain a char he’s never rid of.

    Black-tipped wings for the Prince of Darkness. Healthy wings. Strong wings. His skin shines like polished marble. His hair lies in curls of midnight around his face—still fresh, still bright, still retaining the beauty that seduced a third of the angels. Human eyes would have a hard time distinguishing the Prince from a Warrior like Michael. But the absence of light behind those pale blue eyes hints at the creature’s true nature. And they are pale, so pale the blue seems buried far below, glinting like coins at the bottom of a well.

    He’s exquisite. Majestic.

    And he’s afraid.

    Celestial light has been banned from this place, but even here among the arctic shadows, fear cannot hide. Its blackness swirls in a controlled spin down his right arm, over his well-formed bicep, around his elbow, circling around his forearm and sliding from his palm down his middle finger where it puddles beneath his throne. Tendrils branch out across the stone floor seeking, seeking.

    He cups his hand, allowing the fear to pool there. His fingers close around the sticky substance and he prods it, molds it like a human child playing with a handful of clay. All the while, his eyes rip into the demon before him.

    After a slow descent, the Prince’s feet touch upon the seat of his throne—the graven dragon behind him. His legs and waist are wrapped in cords of white. His torso and arms are bare. Very little separates him from the other archangels. And yet so much.

    Pearla watches the Prince. The Creator gave him beauty—a beauty unrivaled—and he’s taken great pains to preserve it. His time here in Abaddon has kept him from the damage his hordes have suffered in the light of the Celestial. Pearla’s heard stories of the Prince venturing above, but his untarnished appearance alone is proof that his time to heal greatly exceeds that of his minions.

    “Sit.” His celestial lips are still, unable to vocalize anything but animalistic rages—like those assembled, like the demon chained to the floor, like every angel he led astray—but they all hear. They all obey. It’s sad, really. His song, like his face, was far superior to all others. Now his mouth is good for nothing.

    Wings rustle and talons scratch as countless demons crawl and flap toward rough shelves cut into the cliffs surrounding the hall. The demon chained to the floor drops to his knees.

    Humility, even false humility, is appreciated here.

    The Prince doesn’t sit, though. No. He stands on his throne, his legs spread wide, looking down at the demon trembling on the floor.

    “It’s unfortunate, brother, to see you in chains. Again.”

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  • May6th


    I’m all squirmy just doing this, you guys!

    *Puts on a kilt* *Paints face blue* *Gets brave*

    *Clears throat*


    I have ARCs of DARK HALO!

    Dark Halo ARCs

    For the newbies, Dark Halo is the final book in the Angel Eyes trilogy and is set to hit shelves in August. I cannot wait to share it with you all, but I’ll be honest. The idea of sending the conclusion out into the world is slightly terrifying.

    It’s the end, you know? THE END.


    SO! In a Marty McFly effort to prove I’m not chicken (AND I’M NOT!), I’d like to give away my very first advance reader copy. The one right there on top. I’m using the uber easy Rafflecopter for this one, and there are lots of ways to enter. If you’re on Twitter, you can even come back daily to throw another entry into the hat.

    I’ll pick a winner on Monday, May 20th. Spread the word, okay? Help a chicken out.

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  • April2nd


    Dark HaloGood morning friends!

    I’ve just finished going through the typeset pages for Dark Halo.

    I have to tell you, there is something so satisfying about ending a story just where you wanted to end it, and I’m grateful Thomas Nelson gave me the opportunity to share Brielle’s journey with you all. Not too much longer, you guys. August 20th!

    BUT, before I send these pages off, I thought I’d share a little teaser. That sound fun?

    And since we’re here, all of us, hanging out, we might as well do a giveaway, right?

    How about a signed copy of Broken Wings and a snazzy Broken Wings poster? Let’s keep it simple this time. Leave a comment on this post and I’ll choose one lucky winner on Monday, 4/8.

    Broken Wings and poster


    And now for the teaser….


    Both Angel Eyes and Broken Wings have three narrators and Dark Halo is the same. Want to see whose eyes you’ll be looking through as the trilogy comes to a close?


    Dark Halo teaserWhatcha think? Leave a comment for a chance to win!



  • February13th


    Broken WingsBroken Wings hits shelves crazy soon, you guys! If you spot her out there, strike a pose and snap a pic. Tag me in it and I’ll share it with my peeps.

    I really am excited about this one. We pick up Brielle’s journey about 7 months after Angel Eyes ends. There are new angels, a demonic army, swords and scimitars and secrets. (Oh my!) The Prince of Darkness gets a little stage time as well.

    It was a fun story to write and I’d love to celebrate its launch with you. I’ll be doing a few giveaways at the event–books and swag–and I’ll have bookmarks for everyone. Here are the details.


    Broken Wings Launch and Book Signing

    Saturday, February 23rd | 1pm – 3pm

    Barnes & Noble, Birdcage

    6111 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA


    And since I know you can’t all come to the launch, I’m running a giveaway here as well. One lucky winner will receive a prize pack including signed copies of Angel Eyes and Broken Wings, an Angel Eyes poster, a Broken Wings poster, and bookmarks. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter and I’ll announce the winner the morning of the launch. Thank you all for celebrating with me!

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  • November27th


    It’s a YA Christmas everybody! And for 12 days, I’ll be giving away a few of my favorite things.


    Use the Rafflecopter below to enter. You can continue to enter throughout the contest, so pop by and get your name in often. I’ll announce one winner each day starting next Monday, December 3rd and running through Friday, December 14th.

    The daily prizes are listed below. Each winner will receive an electronic copy of Broken Wings. It’s an e-galley, an early copy, which means you’re special because Broken Wings won’t be hitting shelves until February. Pretty cool, huh!? One grand prize winner will be announced on the 14th and will receive a copy of all six books.

    A huge thanks to my publisher, Thomas Nelson, for helping me put this giveaway together. They really are amazing. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

    12/3: Broken Wings & Angel Eyes both by me! WINNER: Elisa Calhoun

    12/4: Broken Wings & If We Survive by Andrew Klavan WINNER: Alissa Fendrick

    12/5: Broken Wings & Swipe by Evan Angler WINNER: Chrissy Wolfe

    12/6: Broken Wings & Right Where I Belong by Krista McGee WINNER: Alyssa Washburn

    12/7: Broken Wings & Spirit Fighter by Jerel Law WINNER: Donna Stinson

    12/8: Broken Wings & Angel Eyes both by me! WINNER: Cordelia Fitzgerald

    12/9: Broken Wings & If We Survive by Andrew Klavan WINNER: Carissa Sikes

    12/10: Broken Wings & Swipe by Evan Angler WINNER: Britney Wyatt

    12/11: Broken Wings & Right Where I Belong by Krista McGee WINNER: Dani Mione

    12/12: Broken Wings & Spirit Fighter by Jerel Law WINNER: Cynthia McCord

    Fun little update: Jerel Law is also offering a signed copy of his newest book, Fire Prophet, with the 12/12 giveaway!

    12/13: Broken Wings & Angel Eyes both by me! WINNER: Bethany Baldwin

    12/14: GRAND PRIZE! One copy of each book listed above. WINNER: Alicia Argenti

    Note: Broken Wings will be an electronic book that is emailed to you. All the other books in this giveaway are trade paperback.

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  • August20th


    Happy Monday, friends! I just finished going through the typeset pages for Broken Wings, the sequel to Angel Eyes. It won’t be out until February, but I feel like celebrating a little bit. Let’s do a giveaway! How about a copy of Angel Eyes, a couple bookmarks, and this gorgeous Angel Eyes poster? I’ll sign everything and choose a winner on Friday.

    Scroll down for the Rafflecopter! 

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  • July26th

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    CHRISSY WOLFE come on down! You’ve won my snark-filled gift pack! Check your email, girl, and to everyone else, THANK YOU for welcoming my site back to the blogosphere. Don’t be strangers.

  • July17th


    You guys! After being attacked by malware, blacklisted, and declared dead, my website LIVES! We had to move the poor gal to another server, so my apologies for the long delay.

    To celebrate (and to entice you back), I thought I’d do a giveaway. One lucky winner will receive SIX books. Angel Eyes will be included, of course, and since I have lots of snarky words for the virus that kept attacking my site, the other books will feature deliciously snarky voices I’ve loved this past year.

    The snark-filled gift pack will include trade paperback copies of:

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