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  • December23rd


    This morning, my newsletter subscribers received Pearla’s First Christmas in their inbox, but the story can also be read here. Thank you to my subscribers. I love being able to share things with you first. Subscribing is easy and free and you can do that here.

    Pearla’s First Christmas is an Angel Eyes short story. It is told by a Cherub named Pearla and is about the length of two novel chapters. We first met Pearla in Broken Wings, the second book of my Angel Eyes trilogy. But don’t worry. If you haven’t read the trilogy, this story will also stand on its own and I do hope you enjoy it.

    Clicking on the cover below will take you to a pdf of Pearla’s First Christmas. It can be read right on your computer screen but has also been formatted for easy reading on your e-reader. Feel free to download it. And if there are others you think will enjoy Pearla’s story, you are more than welcome to share.

    Most of all, I want to thank you for being so supportive this year. Both Broken Wings and Dark Halo came out in 2013 and you’ve given my characters a welcome I could never have expected. Thank you. Thank you, thank you.

    Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone! And happy reading.


  • July8th


    It’s July, people. JULY! That means we are in the final weeks of preparation before Dark Halo releases and we all find out (okay, YOU ALL FIND OUT) just how the Angel Eyes trilogy concludes. Any guesses? You can pre-order Dark Halo, by the way. You knew that, right?

    ANYWAY, I’m not here to tease Brielle’s fate today, but to invite you to join my newsletter mailing list. Now, I know. It sounds boring (another newsletter, bah!), BUT! I solemnly swear to always be entertaining and always brief and I shall only drop you a newsletter when I have something fantastic to tell you. You know, newsworthy fantastic! And! I will try to give away books from time to time. Good books. Great books! Glorious books!

    Want to hear what I’ve decided to call this newsletter of mine?

    Of course you do! Because you’re nice and you’ll do anything to shut me up.

    the THINGS UNSEEN newsletter

    Killer, right? And kind of spooky. But not really. But kind of.

    Okay, click the link below to join my mailing list, and look for the first installment on August 1st wherein I shall give you a very special sneak peek of Dark Halo. *Beams*