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After an extended hiatus from the blogosphere it’s high time I update my “Site of the Month.” I’m rather excited about this one because it’ll give me a chance to brag on my agent a bit and fill you in on the next step in my writing career.

I’ve said this before, so forgive me for saying it again, but setting up a website to promote yourself and your work–while necessary–can feel incredibly vain. Especially when there are so many people along the way who contribute to the writer’s vision and purpose. These are people–authors, editors, agents, and publishers–who inspire others and deserve a big ‘ol thumbs up from my chair here in Northern California. So, from the very beginning I’ve committed to featuring these folks on my site. It keeps me humble. It keeps me sane. And talking about industry professionals who are living the dream, makes me giddy.

This month’s featured site belongs to a guy who has more input into my writing career than most: My agent, Jason Pinter.

In early August, I received word that Jason Pinter of the Waxman Agency was interested in representing my first novel, ANGEL EYES. As the internationally bestselling author of the thrilling Henry Parker series and with his first book for young readers due out next fall–ZEKE BARTHOLOMEW: SUPERSPY!–I have no idea why Jason is dedicated to helping new and unpublished authors find their way, but I’m incredibly grateful that he is.

Jason has a background in publishing and has worked as an editor at Warner Books, Random House, and St. Martin’s Press. He’s also a columnist for the Huffington Post and The Daily Beast. And now that I’ve given you his resume, I should also say that he’s incredibly personable and has been great to work with. If anyone can find a place for my manuscript, it’s this guy.

Which, as I’ve said, brings me to the next step in my writing career. Jason’s job will be to help me find a home for my novel and to coach me through the process, which, unfortunately for him means talking me down from the ledge when I’m antsy, and reminding me that the journey can be a long one when I’m impatient. Thus far, he’s done a fabulous job and I look forward to our continued working relationship.

From the second I jumped into the choppy waters of pre-publication, I’ve been acutely aware that it’s not a journey to be navigated alone. Finding an agent who believes in you and your story is a critical step and to say I feel blessed would certainly be an understatement.

Take a second, friends, to visit his site and pick up a Henry Parker novel the next time you’re out. His first book, THE MARK, has been optioned for film and is a fast paced read you’re sure to enjoy. Jason is also an active tweeter and with his background and expertise, he’s someone all aspiring writers should be following.


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