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CelesteHey friends! Meet Celeste Holloway! A few years ago, Celeste and I met on an agent’s chat loop. No, not our agent. Just some agent. We were in the whole aspiring phase. Oh, we were writers already, but we were aspiring to publication. And now, a few years down the road, we’ve both got books on the shelf. It’s been fun to journey together, and today, we’re celebrating the recent release of Celeste’s debut novel, Sebastian Falls. Celeste was kind enough to answer a few questions about her novel.

You know I’m a huge fan of the weird and invisible things of this world. Tell us about the strange, inexplicable elements in Sebastian Falls. What inspired them?

Oh, gosh, I guess I’ll have to go with admitting I’m a bizarre person with an overactive imagination because that’s way easier to swallow than the truth, but I’m hoping anybody who reads Sebastian Falls will be able to decode my beliefs and discover my inspiration.

Sebastian FallsOooo cryptic. I like it. Now, were any of your characters harder to write than others? Do you have a favorite?

Meadow was a HUGE challenge because I wanted to show her anguish without making her come off as a whiney idiot, lol, and while I love her, my heart totally belongs to Banter. I’d sooo fight her for him. 😀

Boxing gloves or swords? Nevermind, we’ll discuss that later. Back to the important stuff. You were kind enough to share parts of this story with me very early on in your journey, and then a little later I read it after you’d put it through some self-editing. And NOW! Now, you’ve gone through the entire process with a publishing house. Has anything about the trek surprised you? Looking back, what advice would you give a new writer embarking on their own journey?

Writing the book is only half the journey. The other BIGGEE is getting our babies noticed. I’m surprised how much time goes into promoting the finished product.

So much time! That blew me away too. Still does. Okay, so tell me this, we all have a dream cast, don’t we? It’s one of the prerogatives of creating our own worlds. Who would you cast as your lead characters?

Funny you should ask because I have my dream cast pinned on Pinterest. Most of my characters are nameless models, but I chose Liam Hemsworth for Banter and Colton Haynes was my pick for Casey. If anybody has better ideas, I’d love to hear about them.

You have a family and a day job and a writing career! How do you juggle it all?

It’s true, for a long time, I did have a day job, and my writing took place at night, (sometimes well into the morning) but last summer I decided to close my business and devote my days to writing. It was a hard choice, but it paid off because it allowed me to really focus and improve my work enough to interest my publisher. Now, while my daughter’s at school, I write. While she’s home, I try to get in a couple of hours a day and pick it back up after she goes to bed.

You’re working on something else then! Yay! Dish, girl!

I am! In fact, I’m busy with three new books. One is the sequel to Sebastian Falls, number two is what I like to call a pre-dystopian, (the world is on the verge of collapsing) and the third is a story about a battered woman searching for peace.

Tell us about the novels that have made the most impact on you as a writer. We all have them. I’d love to know yours.

All things Ernest Hemingway, his stories grip me, and his technique leaves me envious. I love how he says so much with so little words. I try to be a sparse writer, but nobody does it like Hemingway.

When I was a kid I had a teddy bear named Hemingway. Writers are a wacky bunch, aren’t they? I keep green and silver glitter by my keyboard as a totem. Pixie dust, you know? For flying fingers. Do you have any writing totems on your desk?

Ha, that’s great! Maybe I should copy you because it really seems to be working on your fingers! Sadly, I don’t have a desk, but when I’m rich and famous, (I can dream) I’m buying a fancy mahogany one, and I’m framing a bunch of heads-up pennies to place by my side and maybe a four leaf clover. 🙂

Today, you’re hosting me over at your blog as well. THANK YOU, by the way. That was very kind. Among the fabulous questions you sent over, you asked about my guilty pleasure and now I’d like to know yours! 

This isn’t very exciting, but I love playing hidden object games, especially the creepy ones with the eerie music playing in the background and the occasional creaking door. What can I say? I’m a dork!

Dorks are very welcome here. Geeks too, for that matter. But before we wrap up, will you share with us a small excerpt of Sebastian Falls? 

Gosh, this is a hard one, but I suppose I’ll go with the opening two paragraphs….

The sun climbing over the horizon is cruel—a reminder there’s life left to live. In silence, I lie frozen, waiting. Daylight burns through my window and devours the darkness. Still, I don’t move. Not until I’m sure the last shadow is gone.

At eight, music chimes from the clock on my nightstand, and the dancing ladies crank to life. Their mechanical cheeks stick in permanent, rosy grins as they lift their dresses and spin on their toes. If I had the energy, I’d smash away their cheer, but I save my strength to unwind the bloody sheets tangled around my body.

Wow! THANK YOU so much for sharing with us Celeste.

Friends, if you’d like to read more of Sebastian Falls, get it here. It’s crazy inexpensive right now and I guarantee that won’t last long, so go! Run! Or just click. That’d probably be best.

Also! You can find Celeste on Twitter and Facebook. And on her blog today, she’s chatting ME up and spreading the word about the Angel Eyes trilogy. So go. Find her. Tell her I said, “hi!”


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