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Confession: I am not cool.

But, I’m cool with that.

I’m not even sure the word ‘cool’ is cool any more.

All right. Do over.

Confession: I am not epic.

But you know who is epic?

The Winter Formal.

That’s right.

The Winter Formal. And if you haven’t checked out their new download A Memorandum, you too have a long way to go on your road to epicdom.

See. I told you. I’m not cool.

But, thanks to The Winter Formal I have a better understanding of what it means to be epic.

Check out their Myspace. ‘Like’ their Facebook page. Follow them on Twitter. Give their new video a thumbs up. And, you should definitely hit a show. They have one coming up February 19th.

And, ummm, Brandon wanted me to tell you that he loves it when girls scream his name. Especially, ESPECIALLY, when they visit him at work. Tilly’s. Sunrise Mall. Did I get that right, Brando?

That’s all.

Now go.

Be epic.


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