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  • April23rd


    Did you know tonight is World Book Night? No, seriously. It’s an official thing. The goal is to get books into the hands of people who don’t regularly read or have easy access to books. It’s a very cool initiative and you can read all about it here.

    My publisher thought they’d get in on the action and help spread their love of reading as well. Thomas Nelson is incredibly awesome that way. I was able to partner with them by handing out books. I received my box last week and inside I found 12 copies of my very own, Angel Eyes. After I counted the copies, I knew exactly who I wanted to share them with.

    Koinonia is a fabulous group home program here in Northern California. Before my children were born, I worked with them and so I knew that at any given time, they’d have twelve girls in their care. This is a population I absolutely love working with, and when I made the call, they welcomed me with open arms. THANK YOU, BILL! And Steph! And Lacey! And Allison! And Mindy!

    I got to visit the girls and chat books. Probably my most favorite thing ever. They asked questions and I pretended to know all the answers. They even let me read to them a bit. It was a lovely afternoon and at the end of it, I got to give away twelve books to twelve amazing girls with absolutely no strings attached. I’m thoroughly grateful to my publisher for making that possible.

    So, I was thinking, there’s got to be a way to get YOU ALL involved as well. It’s too late to sign up as a World Book Night giver, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spread your reading love around a bit. The authors at Thomas Nelson and Zondervan are officially celebrating for the next week, so there’s plenty of time for you to participate.

    WHAT IF … and I’m just spit-balling here, but what if you took one (or two, or twelve) of your used books and you gifted them to someone who just might have trouble purchasing a book on their own? OR what if . . . what if you decided to start a little book group? You and some friends. You could read together, and chat books together, and invite along a friend who has yet to be bitten by a bookworm. Maybe your habit will rub off on them!

    There are a zillion ways to spread a love of reading. If you’ve got an idea or would like to share how you plan to celebrate, leave me a comment. I’d love to know what you’re up to.

    And happy reading, friends! Books matter. Words matter. It’s a love worth sharing.


  • March27th

    IIsabella3 have such a wonderful, heartwarming story to share with you all.

    My friend, author, CJ Redwine, and her husband, Clint, are adopting a beautiful little girl from China named Isabella Grace.

    You want to read their story. Trust me, you do.

    As you’ll read, things unfolded much more quickly than they anticipated, and they could use a little help bringing her home.

    I hope you’ll consider taking part in their journey. They’ve gone out of their way to make it fun for everyone; when you give, you’ll be entered to win donated items, including books from many of CJ’s friends. But the real excitement here is that a little girl who needs a home is getting a wonderful family.

    Did you wake up today hoping to make a difference somehow, somewhere? This is one of those opportunities. One very real, very tangible, very simple action from you can change so much.

    Click to learn how skipping Starbucks today can

    help bring Isabella home.

    UPDATE: They did it! They raised 15K in two days! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED!

  • March21st

    Shan_Alicia_RenoI’m working on a new story. It’s a detective story with a speculative twist thrown in to please the strangeness in me. And I like it. I’m enjoying the characters and the fact that I know where this one is going. For a writer, those are things to be celebrated.

    But I noticed something the other day. Something that made me sad. My main character is alone a lot. Now, that’s not so uncommon for these types of stories, not so uncommon for your heroine to strike out on her own, but it does make for a hefty amount of internal monologue and not quite enough conversation. And suddenly, I wished my lead had a best friend.

    I’m not sure I’ll give her one. It’s okay for her to be lonely right now. But that need, that vacant spot in her fictional existence became desperately apparent because I know what it is to have a best friend. I know the noisy, companionable, sometimes silent, space-filling, hand-holding, shoulder-leaning blessing another kindred soul can be.

    I know this because I was born one month and three days before Alicia. Our fathers were best friends and we were raised to be the same. Rumor has it everyone expected me to be a boy, and our arranged marriage agreed upon. I spoiled things by showing up a girl, I suppose, but maybe not. Because I gained something in Alicia that so few can really claim: a lifelong friend.

    Shan_Alicia_TJWe have lots of things in common, Alicia and I. We were both raised in Christian families by church leaders. We vacationed together. We went to high school together. We took piano lessons from the same teacher. We cheered together. We slathered on the mime makeup and performed together. We even crushed on all the same boys at church camp. They ALWAYS chose her, by the way. LIKE. ALWAYS.

    But even with all the things we’ve shared through the years, we’re very different individuals. Our temperaments, our challenges, our talents, our passions. We don’t share many of those. And yet, God saw fit to stick us together. He thought we’d need one another.

    He was right.

    I mean, nobody can beat us at Taboo. Nobody. We have too much history. And if you need to know the fastest way to get around Disneyland, or the best way to apply mime makeup, we’ve got you covered.

    Shan_Alicia_campAnd if you need to sit and talk, or cry, or vent, there’s no better person to call than Alicia. Especially when she’s driving! There is nothing quite so amazing as talking to Alicia when she’s toying with a little road rage.

    And when life changes and you don’t see each other quite as often, it’s okay, because Alicia is still Alicia. No matter what she’s gone through, no matter the battles she’s had to fight, no matter how you’ve both changed–Alicia is still the kindhearted, sassy soul she’s always been.

    And she’s going to tell you the truth. And she’s going to let you mope. And she may even curse a little bit (which might be the funniest, most surprising thing about her).

    The world can be crashing down around us, and still, Alicia will be there.

    And life is less lonely because she is.

    While my detective story is short on BFFs, my Angel Eyes trilogy is not. And if you’ve caught the similarities between Alicia’s name and Ali’s, you are one bright Crayola. Today–on Alicia’s birthday!–we’re celebrating best friends. To do so, I’ve put together a little Dark Halo BFF Prize pack to be raffled off. Two of each prize will be given. One for you and one for a friend. The winner will receive:

    DH Prize pack

    2 copies of Dark Halo | 2 Dark Halo audio books | 2 Dark Halo bookmarks | 2 Dark Halo posters

    Use the Rafflecopter below to enter. I’ll draw a name on Friday, March 28th and notify the winner via email.

    And hey, enjoy your friends today. 😉

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  • February27th

    Red XWhen I was doing research for the Angel Eyes trilogy, I read so many stories about human trafficking. Accounts of children being locked up, sold, abused. I read their own testimonials and I read the versions reporters put on front pages.

    The story that stayed with me the longest was about a girl, locked in a basement, with only a roll of toilet paper for comfort. When they found her, she was holding it to her chest as my own kids do their stuffed animals. Her story was only one of many.

    As I assimilated the horror, one truth made itself clear: this issue was way bigger than I had ever considered.

    Rich people take part. Poor people. People of all different races and backgrounds. There are politics involved. Money changes hands in ways I’d never thought possible. Some of it happens out in the open. Some of it we see. But a lot of it is hidden from our eyes. Because these things happen in dark places? Sometimes. But mostly I think, because we haven’t tried hard enough to see it.

    Today, you’ll see people wearing red Xs on their hands. It’s part of the END IT movement. Now, I don’t know who started this campaign. I don’t know who funded it, but from what I can tell it’s all about spreading the word and choosing to look. To look at the slavery, not only around the world, but in our own communities.

    I live in the greater Sacramento area and statistics will tell you that as of last year, our city is one of the top five cities in the US suffering from human trafficking. My city. Where my kids go to school. Where I worship. Where I shop and play. It’s a staggering thing to consider. So, most of the time, I don’t. Because it’s too real to process. Too big to wrap my arms around and that makes me feel helpless.

    But I think that’s what today’s about. February 27th. Shine a Light on Slavery Day. Attempting to be a generation that strives to END IT.

    So, I’m in. Here’s my red X and my fist, and while half the time I don’t know where to throw this thing, I’m committing to fight slavery when and where I see it.

    There are SO MANY doing amazing work in this area. I think it’s important to shine a light on them today too.

    Recently, I watched The Pink Room documentary. A friend of mine was involved in the production of it and it’s a heartrending, eye-opening film that highlights trafficking in Cambodia. Watch it. Let yourself be moved.

    Chab Dai is an organization here in Sacramento that works locally and abroad. That’s HUGE! Locally and abroad.

    The Koinonia Group Home program is also local and works with at risk youth.

    The Thrive Rescue Home is another outreach worth supporting. They have a home for rescued girls in Pattaya, Thailand and they’re opening another in India this year.

    There are many, many others and these front line workers could use your support, be it your hands and feet, your pocketbook, or your prayers. We can all make a difference. It’s important to believe that.

    When I set out to write the Angel Eyes trilogy, I wasn’t looking to convey trafficking in it’s rawest form. I was hoping to spread the truth that none of us are alone. Not you. Not me. Not the girl trapped in a basement hugging a toilet paper roll. And I think a red X on your hand today might serve a similar purpose.

    It reminds us that we’re not alone. We’ve never been alone.

    We fight together.

  • January29th

    Jim-DennysPresident Obama inspired me. It’s been a bit since I updated you all, and since there are just so many things going on, and since I process better as I write, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.

    That might mean you’re acting as my therapist today, and I apologize for that. Also, I’d like to say I’m going to be entirely transparent, but since we know that these state addresses are rarely that, I’m sure you’ll give me the freedom to stay a little veiled here.

    It’s hard to know where to start. As a writer, I know there needs to be coherent paragraphs and structure here, but I’m not feeling that these days. Everything is a jumble. Actions, emotions, faith, hope, trust (pixie dust!) and the conscious decision to choose peace. Every day.

    I’m realizing now just how ominous that sounds, but rest assured, there’s nothing life threatening going on. No major illness, nothing like that. But it’s the first time in years that we truly have no choice but to set our eyes on Christ and follow. Yes, of course, we should have been doing all along, and to an extent I know we were, but just now I am very aware of how deceptive that feeling of security can be. Life changes every single day and while it’s easy to think we have the world in our palm, we most certainly do not. And honestly, I’m glad that job belongs to someone else.

    A little explanation wouldn’t go amiss, I’m sure. Well, here it is. After a decade of stability, my husband is changing careers. It wasn’t a decision we were planning to make. It wasn’t something we were prepared for. There was no backup plan in place, but it was necessary. And while it comes with some incredible challenges, I am glad God chose to close that door. It’s time for other things. New things. And on that front, I’m very excited.

    At first there was that feeling of dread, you know? I mean, our nest egg is more like a nest idea. So, where’s that next check coming from? How do we pay our bills? What about the kids? And, oh my gosh, Obamacare! While those thoughts continue to swirl, the panicked voice inside my head has all but fallen silent.

    God did this. God brought us here. He’s not going to leave us, not going to forsake us. He knows our needs better than we do and it’s in Him I rest.

    I didn’t think I could be this person. This waiting person. I’m awful at waiting. Awful at resting. I mean, lazy? Yeah, I have that down. But waiting on God, being patient, trusting, completely dependent on Him? That’s different. That’s intentional. Letting Him lead me beside quiet waters, shutting up and listening while He speaks peace, that takes effort.

    He’s been preparing me, I think. Deep inside my soul, in the quiet places I share only with Him, God’s been molding me into a person who understands where I belong. Or rather, who I belong to.

    And I belong to Him.

    I am His. His love. His child. His responsibility. And because I can look back on the road that brought us here and see God’s fingerprints along the way, I know that in five years, when I look back on these days, I’ll see His touch once again. I know it. Deep in my soul. And so I have peace.

    Part of the molding, I think, has come as I’ve learned to be an author. And yes, that’s not something that comes naturally either. Writing might be instinctual, but the author part? That’s learned. There’s a lot of waiting there too, and patience, but most of all there’s this: when it comes to words, there is only so much I can do.

    For the record, I’m working on something very new for me. It’s moving slower than I hoped because of . . . well, because of life, but I do love it. I love the characters and the hook. I love where it’s headed, but I’m not entirely sure what the story will look like when it’s done. I have an idea and my job is to pen it. To craft it, to trim it, to do my very best. Beyond that, the story does not belong to me. It will belong to readers and they will do with it as they will.

    I’m learning that life is the same. We do our very best with what we’ve been given, but that does not guarantee things will go as planned. In fact, our very best may cause us to outgrow the very place we put down roots. A time of uprooting and replanting may be necessary. For our own good. To fulfill God’s plan, not ours. That’s where my little family finds itself these days. And while there is discomfort at times, there is no shortage of peace.

    I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but God does. I don’t know where He’ll lead, but I can’t wait to find out. I don’t know what challenges stand between us and our destination. I don’t know what we’ll have to sacrifice to get there. I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.

    But I’m okay with that. I’m okay with not knowing (that was hard to type!). I really think I am. And I’m looking forward to the next leg of our journey. With Christ before us and our challenges nothing but shadows in light of Him, I pray the road ahead would be bright and that we would have the courage every day to place one foot in front of the other. That might be too much to ask of our own strength, but I’m ever aware that we don’t have to do this alone.

    It’s in our weakness that He is made strong. So with every step we take, I pray His strength would be exhibited. His love for us made known. And when all is said and done, I pray we keep our eyes on Him.

    Here’s a cover Sarah Reeves did of Hillsong’s Oceans. I’m keeping the words close to me these days. Perhaps they’ll encourage you today.

  • January10th

    Choose NOW

    Posted in: Choose NOW

    Just a quick post here tonight. Thought I’d update you all on a fun development.

    I’ve been asked to be a contributing columnist over at Choose NOW Ministries. To be honest, I’ve been blogging over there for a few months and neglected to tell you about it. Thought I should remedy that!

    Here’s a little description of my column:shannon dittemore

    Let’s examine the unseen things around us. Things like grace and mercy. Like forgiveness. Things that exist because of God’s presence. He’s involved intimately in our days. Loving us, teaching us, guiding us. When we  push past the external and look with spiritual eyes, we’ll see that His fingerprints are everywhere.


    You can read more about Choose NOW and its founder Nicole O’Dell right here. They’ve got some amazing things going on and they’re inviting everyone to take part. In fact, Nicole will be guest blogging here next week, filling us all in on the latest and greatest. Be sure to check back. Until then, here’s my landing page over at Choose NOW. I’d love to have you stop by!

  • December23rd

    This morning, my newsletter subscribers received Pearla’s First Christmas in their inbox, but the story can also be read here. Thank you to my subscribers. I love being able to share things with you first. Subscribing is easy and free and you can do that here.

    Pearla’s First Christmas is an Angel Eyes short story. It is told by a Cherub named Pearla and is about the length of two novel chapters. We first met Pearla in Broken Wings, the second book of my Angel Eyes trilogy. But don’t worry. If you haven’t read the trilogy, this story will also stand on its own and I do hope you enjoy it.

    Clicking on the cover below will take you to a pdf of Pearla’s First Christmas. It can be read right on your computer screen but has also been formatted for easy reading on your e-reader. Feel free to download it. And if there are others you think will enjoy Pearla’s story, you are more than welcome to share.

    Most of all, I want to thank you for being so supportive this year. Both Broken Wings and Dark Halo came out in 2013 and you’ve given my characters a welcome I could never have expected. Thank you. Thank you, thank you.

    Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone! And happy reading.


  • December12th


    You guys! It’s CHRISTMAS! Cause it’s not just that one day is it? All month long we celebrate, and I thought it was time I gave away a few gifts myself.

    Since my crafting skills are more than a little lacking, there is really only one thing left for me to share with you all, and that’s the gift of story. So, for the next twelve days, I’ll be drawing names and letting the winners choose just which of my Angel Eyes books they’d like to receive this Christmas.

    It’s crazy easy to play. Just use the Rafflecopter below to rack up your entries and each evening I’ll randomly draw a winner. I’ll notify winners via email and also by posting your name here on my site. That’s it!

    12 days. 12 winners. 12 books. Fun, right?

    Also, be sure to check back. I have an Angel Eyes freebie on the way, another Christmas present to you all. I’ll shout from the rooftops (social media!) when it’s ready. It’s ready! On Monday, I’ll be sharing an Angel Eyes freebie, a short story called Pearla’s First Christmas. To have it sent directly to your inbox, sign up for my newsletter.

    Merry Christmas, you guys. I can’t even tell you how blessed you’ve made my year. *tear* But, I’ll save my gushing for another post. For now, let’s play!

    The December 13th winner is: Angie Brasher

    The December 14th winner is: Mary McAlister Robertson

    The December 15th winner is: Amber McCallister

    The December 16th winner is: Cheryl Hart

    The December 17th winner is: Amy B.

    The December 18th winner is: Deecountrygirl

    The December 19th winner is: Angie Carroll

    The December 20th winner is: Laken

    The December 21st winner is: Lisa Shantz Medeiros

    The December 22nd winner is: Charity Tinnin

    The December 23rd winner is: Sherry Russell

    The December 24th winner is: Magan Bagan

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  • November29th

    32authorSmall-iPadminiYou’re here! You’ve made it to stop #19 on the #32AuthorHunt! I hope you’re enjoying yourself and entering to win lots of prizes.

    Here’s how it works: Collect the clues at the bottom of each post, beginning from Stop #1. Once they’re all collected they’ll form a phrase. Simply fill out the Rafflecopter form at the last stop and you’re all entered to win an iPad Mini and 32 books, one from each author on the hunt! This hunt is open to the US only. Sorry, international readers.

    If you’ve missed a stop, are starting here, or if you have completed the hunt and are ready to enter the entire phrase to win, head on over HERE.

    I have the privilege of introducing you to author, Kerry Nietz. His newest book, Amish Vampires In Space, made quite a splash a few months ago and I think you’ll enjoy reading his thoughts on the whole thing.

    Kerry Nietz - Amish Vampires in Space - Book CoverHere goes!

    Okay, Kerry, before we go any further: Amish Vampires in Space? What is that about?

    What, you want me to give you the plot?

    No, I mean, that seems crazy. Why on Earth would you write such a thing? And who published it?

    Well, it doesn’t take place on Earth—

    You know what I mean.

    Right, I know what you’re getting at.

    The story’s genesis goes back a couple years. Amish novels were all the rage, and my publisher, Jeff Gerke, sent out a mock cover to the Marcher Lord Press authors. An obvious spoof. It featured a bonneted female vampire with some Amish paraphernalia behind her. Also behind her was a large window with a view of an orange planet. Enough to make it clear that the setting was in space. The novel’s title was Vein Pursuit and it was part of the Amish Vampires in Space series. Jeff said it was the ultimate speculative novel! A genre crossover that was sure to be a hit. He shared the joke at writing conferences he attended, as well.

    ASCSwithEmblemA year or so passed, and at one point I told him that someone should write that Amish Vampire in Space book. I didn’t think it was me, because I tend toward hard science fiction, and the title screams: Camp! Plus, I had a trilogy of my own to finish. (The DarkTrench trilogy, which started with the award-winning A Star Curiously Singing.)

    Then last year I got this idea about how it all might work, and not be campy. A theme emerged along with a couple key characters, so I started writing. Before I knew it, I was 30,000 words in. I emailed Jeff to tell him what I was doing. When he stopped laughing, he encouraged me to continue. I finished last June and sent it to him. He liked what he read, so went through the editing process.

    Amish Vampires in Space was published in October 1st of this year.

    Wow, so you essentially took a joke title and ran with it.

    Pretty much. A joke title that turned into 135,000 words of story.

    Sounds hefty.

    I’d avoid dropping it on your foot, but it really isn’t that big. The print version is just over 600 pages, but there’s lots of bonus material in there. Samples of other great Marcher Lord Press stories—three in the print version, six in the eBook!

    The story itself is around 500 pages.

    Huh. So was it fun to write? Any big challenges?

    It was great fun to write. A speculative novelist’s playground! Plus the characters really drove the plot. They just started showing up on the page and took over. AViS is my longest book, but it felt like it could’ve been much longer if I hadn’t reined the characters in a little.

    The biggest challenges were a) creating authentic Amish characters, and b) contriving plausible science fiction vampires. I had some help with the first one, in the form of a friend who’s an Amish romance writer.

    I was pretty much on my own with the second….but not really. God is always gracious to me when I’m doing research. Providing just the right science or intriguing idea when I need it.  It is a difficult process to describe, but it has happened with all my sci-fi books. It is typically like “Well, Lord, I’ve written myself into a corner here…whoa, oh wait, this will work. Thanks!”

    So you have other science fiction books. Do those mock other cultures as well?

    Hold on, let’s get one thing straight:  My intent in writing Amish Vampires in Space wasn’t to mock the Amish at all. To me the whole scenario seemed more interesting if everything was played straight—including the Amish and their culture.

    MaskCoverTo that end, I asked my Amish fiction writing friend to read the completed manuscript. He had lots of good suggestions to make the Amish portion more authentic, but he didn’t find my portrayal exploitative. At least, no more so than the scores of Amish novels that are already out there. And in some ways my portrayal might be more genuine, because I don’t overly glamorize the culture either. I tried to write them like any other free willed people: capable of both good and evil.

    I often explore other cultures in my books, though. My DarkTrench trilogy speculates a world under sharia (Islamic) law. Those books center around this techno-slave named Sandfly. He has an implant in his head to help him connect to the future version of the internet, but it also controls his behavior. Again, the intent wasn’t to exploit or demean, but to extrapolate a future that some in that culture would like to see happen. (Just search for “caliphate” to see what I mean.)

    I also have a book entitled Mask that examines a slice of American culture. More specifically, the idea that everything is up for a vote, including sometimes what is considered “good” and “evil.”

    Sounds like you’ve written a fair amount of words.

    I have over 560,000 words in print now. Hard for me to believe. I’m actually sort of shy.

    Hmm…me too. So what advice do you have for aspiring authors?

    Start early. You might get published before you die.


    LOL. That’s something an elderly author once told me on a plane. We happened to be sitting next to each other on a flight from Detroit to Seattle. (I worked at Microsoft at the time.) When he told me he was a writer I said that I always wanted to write.

    “Start early,” he said. “You might get published before you die.”

    That’s good advice for any dream, actually: Start early, you might accomplish it before you die.

    Kerry Nietz_Author PhotoYeah, that’s something to think about. Thanks for sharing.

    Welcome. And now I want to say “our books”.


    That’s the clue for the scavenger hunt folks. Write this down before you move on: our books.

    Right. Is there anything else you want to say?

    Sure, my website is I have an author page on Facebook, as well. Please check them out, and buy my books!

    Isn’t Kerry a riot! I hope you enjoyed his interview as much as I did. Be sure to tell him so in the comments here and check out his books.

    BEFORE YOU GO, write down the Stop #19 clue:

    our books

    Your NEXT STOP is Kerry’s very own website.


    *BONUS PRIZE! If you’d like to win a book from my Angel Eyes trilogy (winner’s choice), leave a comment here about Kerry’s interview. I’ll announce the winner at the conclusion of the scavenger hunt.

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  • November23rd

    Unlikely DebutYou guys! The newest brain child of author Stephanie Morrill, has just released. If you’re new to Stephanie and her stories, PUH-LEASE allow me to introduce you.

    Stephanie’s books are fabulous, but she’s so much more than that. Stephanie is the founder of Go Teen Writers, a website whose sole purpose is helping out–you guessed it!–teen writers. I seriously wish I’d thought of it first, but there’s no way I could do such a thorough and sincere job of it. It is, by far, the site I recommend with the most frequency to new writers starting out. If you haven’t visited, you simply must. And spread the word!

    TODAY, I want to tell you about her newest book, The Unlikely Debut of Ellie Sweet. I devoured the first one in the series, so when Steph asked if I’d like to read book number two a little early, I jumped at the chance. I loved this one so much I endorsed it. Here’s what I said:

    “With the compelling voice of a storyteller, Stephanie Morrill has done something special in The Unlikely Debut of Ellie Sweet. She’s taken a sweet, engaging read and given it depth. I felt every step of Ellie’s journey, and when I closed the book it was with the impression that I was sending a cherished friend on her way in the world. I do wish her well.”

    If that doesn’t do it for you, here’s the official blurb:

    For once, Ellie Sweet has it all together. Her hair now curls instead of fuzzes, she’s tamed the former bad-boy, Chase Cervantes (she has, right?), and her debut novel will hit shelves in less than a year. Even her ex-friends are leaving her alone. Well, except for Palmer Davis, but it can’t be helped that he works at her grandmother’s nursing home.

    Life should feel perfect. And yet, it’s not that easy. Ellie’s editor loves her, but the rest of the publishing biz? Not so much. And they’re not shy about sharing their distrust over Ellie’s unlikely debut.

    Ellie has always been able to escape reality in the pages of her novel, but with the stress of major edits and rocky relationships, her words dry up. In fiction, everything always comes together, but in real life, it seems to Ellie that hard work isn’t always enough, the people you love can’t always be trusted, and the dream-come-true of publishing her book could be the biggest mistake she’s made yet.

    Stephanie Morrill Low ResStephanie Morrill lives in Overland Park, Kansas with her husband and two kids. Her only talents are reading, writing, and drinking coffee, so career options were somewhat limited. Fortunately she discovered a passion for young adult novels and has been writing them ever since.

    Stephanie is the author of The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt series, The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet, and the award-winning Go Teen Writers: How to Turn Your First Draft into a Published Book. She enjoys encouraging and teaching teen writers on her blog, You can also find her online at

    **To celebrate Ellie’s release, Stephanie is offering up a GIVEAWAY. The winner will have his or her pick, either the first book in the series, The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet, or the second, The Unlikely Debut of Ellie Sweet. Tons of ways to earn entries. If you’re on Twitter, you can come back and enter daily. I’ll have Rafflecopter choose a winner on Friday, 11/29!**

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