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This world–the writing world, I mean–is all about self-promotion.

It’s exhausting! There’s the day-to-day work of bugging friends and family with countless FB updates, striving to expand your platform through networking, and–oh yeah–there’s the actual writing, which I’m sorry to say can get eaten by the hungry self-promotion monster. There’s the other stuff too: query letters, submission materials, critique groups (where you routinely hand a fish hook–a really big one–to other writers and ask them for “honest feedback” praying, all the while, they don’t aim that hook right at your heart).

Oh, and did I mention that we’re supposed to stay pleasant through the whole thing!

But not too pleasant. We don’t want to appear annoying, do we?

Sheesh! There’s lots to remember in this world of self-promotion.

So, today I thought I’d introduce you to my rebellious streak. In an attempt to stave off vanity, my website has a special feature. I call it: Shan’s Pick: Site of the Month. You can find a link in the top slider on my home page. Click the right arrrow til you see it. There is also a link on the menu bar that will show you all the past and current winners.

Each month, I’ll use this space to promote other people’s work! How exciting is that? These are people–writers, editors, agents, publishers–who inspire me and deserve a big ‘ol thumbs up from my chair here in Northern California. While writing can be a very isolating venture, and the journey to publication can be a very quiet and lonely road, it’s not something that should be attempted alone. On my relatively new quest, I’ve run into several wonderful people along the way who have helped shape my work and my perspective. They’ve provided encouragement and honest feedback (all without that scary fish hook).

Let me introduce a couple of them to you:

March’s Site of the Month Award goes to Declaration Editing. Never heard of ’em? Well then, you should definitely check out their site. Especially if you’re an author looking for some help. Once I had my first novel in draft form, I contacted Vinnie Kinsella at Declaration and paid him (sorry friends, editing isn’t free!) to critique my manuscript. His input was invaluable and I cannot recommend Declaration Editing highly enough.

February’s Site of the Month Award (yeah, yeah, I know) belongs to Sarah Cunningham, author of Picking Dandelions and several other works that can be found on her site. As a member of The Fig Tree blog, I was given the incredible opportunity to read her newest book prior to release and review it on release date. Her words on change and growth are inspiring, and in a world that seems to shrink from both, her book is necessary! Read it! Check out her site for more details!

So, thanks friends, for taking the time to check out these wonderful folks and their work. My thumbs up may not mean much, but in a world where support is an awful lot like gold, I think we should throw a bit more around. Makes us all a little richer!


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