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IIsabella3 have such a wonderful, heartwarming story to share with you all.

My friend, author, CJ Redwine, and her husband, Clint, are adopting a beautiful little girl from China named Isabella Grace.

You want to read their story. Trust me, you do.

As you’ll read, things unfolded much more quickly than they anticipated, and they could use a little help bringing her home.

I hope you’ll consider taking part in their journey. They’ve gone out of their way to make it fun for everyone; when you give, you’ll be entered to win donated items, including books from many of CJ’s friends. But the real excitement here is that a little girl who needs a home is getting a wonderful family.

Did you wake up today hoping to make a difference somehow, somewhere? This is one of those opportunities. One very real, very tangible, very simple action from you can change so much.

Click to learn how skipping Starbucks today can

help bring Isabella home.

UPDATE: They did it! They raised 15K in two days! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED!


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