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So. Story.

A couple months ago this book caught my eye at Barnes & Noble.

“How?” you ask.

Well. It was on the Young Adult shelves: Score!

The gal on the cover has a distinctly different look than many of the other chicks gracing the covers of YA novels these days (and we all know there are zillions!): Double Score!

And, finally, that very chickadee looked like she had wings: Triple Score!

My own obsession with wings kicked in and I whipped the stroller around tipping my green tea and almost colliding with the Customer Service counter. I snagged the book, Halflings, from the shelf and perused it briefly before my 3yo had had enough and crawled out of the stroller heading for the train table. Then I was off, like a spaz, the book forgotten as I chased her down splattering green tea everywhere.

B&N loves me, by the way. (I told you they’re hosting my launch party, right? Saturday, June 2nd, 1pm.)

ANYhooo… shortly thereafter, my publicist (love saying that, btw) asked me if I knew anything about Heather Burch and this book Halflings, because as it turns out, Halflings is ALSO an angel YA book recently published by a Christian publisher. AND, and, and, Heather, the author, was a fellow Apocalypsie.

SO! That was it. I simply had to read it. Poor B&N got jilted on this one cause I downloaded it to my Kindle then and there.

AND decided that I simply had to feature Heather Burch and her Halflings Network as my Site of the Month.

The book is a fast ride featuring a gutsy heroine and three gorgeous angelic creatures. Heather’s salted the novel with tons of truth and hope and all that kind of good stuff. ALSO, there’s an app for the book, which is just SUCH a cool idea. I haven’t had a chance to download it yet, but I hear it’s rather addicting. So, hop over to the Halflings Network and let me know what you think.

And go buy the book! Motorcycles and glowing girls and hell hounds and half-angel boys. I mean, come on? You’re gonna, right?



1 Comment

  • Comment by Heather Sunseri — March 28, 2012 @ 3:10 pm

    Hi, Shannon. I’m guessing you probably felt about finding that book the way I felt about finding you on Twitter today after Jenny B. Jones (one of my favorite people) tweeted that you, as a paranormal YA writer (me too!), ought to embrace flash mobs. So, I clicked on over to your site and saw that you had a paranormal book coming out with a Christian publisher, so huge congratulations!! I look forward to learning more about your journey. I think we just might have lots in common.

    Thanks for introducing me to Haflings.

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